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What does "Web Hosting" mean?
Web Hosting means giving your Website a home on the Internet. This is called "hosting" a Website. It is similar to having a street address on the World Wide Web. Once you have an address, your Website can be viewed by virtually anyone browsing the World Wide Web. Hosting a Website involves registering a new Internet "domain" name (or Internet address) for you as well as setting up the space and access rights for you to build and maintain your Website at DataOne.

What do I have to do, to put a web site on the internet?
1) You have to develop a website.
2) Once your website is developed, you will need to register a domain name (Please refer to FAQs on Domain Name Registration). If you already have a domain name, just provide us the domain name. We will host your website. There are a few packages of web hosting plans you can choose from.

How long does it takes to set up a new account?
It takes 1-2 working days to set up a new account. You will be informed via Email or post once your account is activated.

Do I need my domain name to have a Website?
Yes, you can only have a website after you register your domain name with HT Zone or other registrar.

What are the differences between the packages you offer?
The main differences between our hosting packages are found in the amount of disk space you are provided with.

What Web Hosting Plan should I start with?
This is a decision you must make for yourself based on both the amount of exposure you plan to give your site as well as the amount of information you have for your site.

Can I upgrade my account?
Yes, you will be charged pro-rated accordingly.

Does HT Zone provide web design services?
HT Zone does provide web design services as part of our Web Hosting Plans. Refer to for details

What contract terms are available?
All HT Zone web hosting services commit you to a minimum of 1 year of contract. All account are billed one year in advance and there is no refund for any early termination.

What is FTP?
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is the most popular way for transferring files across the Net. To start with, a FTP Client is a program that use the internet "File Transfer Protocol" (or FTP) to send or receive files.

How do I transfer files to my web site?
Files can be transferred to the Web server via FTP. Refer to

Can I order additional disk space?
Refer to

Updated on 06 June 04



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