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SMS/MMS solutions
Keen to use SMS/MMS for internal communication or as a marketing tool? We provide 2-way SMS/MMS gateway, 2-way SMS/MMS-email gateway and customised individualised SMS marketing.

Customised Individualised SMS Marketing MOBILE INDIVIDUALISED MARKETING(MIM) is a sevice to help businesses establish, maintain and refresh contacts with their customers through the use of individualised SMS messages. We have developed a set of tools to build on top of proven marketing method to achieve new level of effectiveness and focus in marketing.

Our approach is borne through noticing that the use of SMS for marketing is gaining momentum and yet the effectiveness of this method is approaching that of e-mail marketing: it gets ignored. Consumers treat messages sent on mass as junk mail and delete them without ever reading it.

That is why we believe in individualisation!

Using our tool set, we help your company to
  • understand your marketing need for SMS marketing
  • design customised SMS messages
  • support timely sending of SMS messages
  • improve the stickiness of your customers
    In this way you can keep in touch with your own customers and these customers will know that they are treated as individuals, not as a faceless mass.


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